Little eBook Reviews features The Designated Survivor

good review

JC Gatlin - Author

The Designated Survivor‘ was reviewed by Paul Little on his blog Little eBook Reviews. He writes:

The Designated Survivor Cover Photo“This is JC Gatlin’s first offering on KDP as far as I could tell and it is a relatively short ebook at around 93 pages. These two facts tell us that the author is on a mission to make a splash with a fast paced novel. The blub is accurate and we get straight into the plot from the get-go.

“The main characters come together seemingly at random and as we go through the pages we learn about each and more importantly what we do not know. We know that Tess is on the run and desperate to get to her daughter and any road trip is going to be fraught with tension on the way. Quite how people outside the car learn about Tess is left to the imagination but this…

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Trapped in the moody Texas weather, this disabled mom squeezes out a few hours each day to write. Her husband and children are patient, her housework is neglected and her dog is not speaking to her. Her fiction has appeared in numerous magazines and e zines including Whispering Spirits, The Shadow Box Anthology and Quietus Magazine.
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