The troubles with mixed genre

Cussedness Corner

I am finding I have a lot of trouble promoting my books because they are mixed genre.

The categories are almost set in iron.

I often use Dark Fantasy I like tvtropes for my definitions these days.

I have the basic horror types (vampires, werewolves, necromancers) plus gore, grit, grime, and atrocity. I’m graphic about them. Perhaps too graphic at times, especially in the Dark Brothers of the Light series.  But I can’t call it horror because it is set on an alternate earth setting.

Alternate earth is usually the realm of Science Fiction and I do have some science elements, but it is definitely not Science Fiction.

A few months ago I put my lycan novel, Serpent’s Quest, up for a free read at wattpad and since it was about werewolves (of a sort) and vampires, when I saw the category for werewolves, I used it and then banged…

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About ghostposts

Trapped in the moody Texas weather, this disabled mom squeezes out a few hours each day to write. Her husband and children are patient, her housework is neglected and her dog is not speaking to her. Her fiction has appeared in numerous magazines and e zines including Whispering Spirits, The Shadow Box Anthology and Quietus Magazine.
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