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Janrae Frank http://www.daverana.com/author.php/Janrae+Frank
will be visiting us next week.

Janrae Frank is the publisher, owner, and Lizard-in-Chief of Daverana Enterprises.

Janrae started out in publishing thirty years ago with a sale to Amazons, the DAW anthology edited by Jessica Amanda Salmonson, which went on to win the 1980 World Fantasy Award for best anthology. She had a varied career ranging from journalism to editorial work, and has settled into her chosen profession as literary curmudgeon.

Janrae Frank writes stories set in her dark fantasy world of Daverana. Her series Dark Brothers of the Light enjoys consitently high sales at fictionwise.com.

Serpent’s Quest

The Red Wolf was the greatest of the Nine Great Clans of the lycan race.

Unknown to the lycans, Malthus is actually the genocidal mastermind behind the hidden laboratories where hundreds of lycans have perished in vicious experiments that included vivisections and the testing of various toxins, known to the lycans as the Butchering Serpent.

Trained by the greatest armsmaster the lycan clans have ever known, Kynyr must find a way to defeat the dark arts of the Butchering Serpent or see his people destroyed, including the woman he loves. Matters get ugly very fast.



About ghostposts

Trapped in the moody Texas weather, this disabled mom squeezes out a few hours each day to write. Her husband and children are patient, her housework is neglected and her dog is not speaking to her. Her fiction has appeared in numerous magazines and e zines including Whispering Spirits, The Shadow Box Anthology and Quietus Magazine.
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